Volunteer for Hen Harrier Action

There are many ways to support our work. Hen Harrier Days take place around the UK and the more people willing to run such days or support them the louder our voice will be. Read more about helping with events here.

Our charity, Hen Harrier Action, also itself needs enthusiastic and committed volunteers. We are a very small team: there are no paid staff and everyone is a volunteer. If you would like to join that team, this page is for you.

Hen Harrier Action is about communication and engagement. We are not directly a conservation charity, though our work is underpinned by both conservation science and a passion to protect the natural world. As a charity we are free to campaign for nature in our uplands but our main role is to support national and local events which seek to draw more people into awareness and thus expression of concern about the mismanagement of our uplands.

To achieve greater impact, we are looking for skills and contributions across all aspects of our expanding work but in particular for:

  • skills in communications, marketing and events management, especially in relation to website and social media;
  • people who can lead community engagement activities, for example flowing from their own interest in the arts, crafts, or outdoor pursuits.

Because our charity is so small, we all depend on each other: and so we will look to agree a level of commitment if you join us. That does not mean some huge commitment of time or effort. It means that we'll look to you to stick with what we agree in terms of contribution, delivery and deadlines. Of course people's circumstances are ever changing, but we would also look to your contribution continuing for a reasonable period.

 If you would like to contribute and feel you can make a commitment, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at volunteer@henharrierday.uk