T-shirt Design Competition

The competition

Hen Harrier Action is looking for new designs for T-shirts – and we'd love some help.

People buy our T-shirts to wear at Hen Harrier Days across the country – and on other days too!  We are developing a new line of T-shirts to carry our core message about saving the hen harrier, a rare bird of prey facing extinction in the UK as a result of illegal persecution. Hen harriers are often called 'skydancers' because of their aerobatic courtship displays - hence our chosen words for the T-shirt design: 'Save our Skydancer'.

Entries are invited in two categories: T-shirts for adults and T-shirts for children.

Anyone, whatever their age, can enter the competition in either category. You might be a younger or older person who loves nature or a student or professional designer. We'll print the best as a limited edition for Hen Harrier Day Online on 8 August 2020 and aim to get our celebrity presenters wearing them. The best designs will also be considered for our new range, for 2021 onwards.

We'll also make a selection of the best designs available online for downloading and printing on to your own garment.


Design brief

Your design should:

  • celebrate the hen harrier and/or promote its protection from persecution.
  • include or incorporate the words 'Save our Skydancer'.
  • be an image just for the front of a T-shirt – no sleeve or back image please.
  • be in any artistic medium of your choosing. You can hand draw, use colour or black & white, paint artwork or use electronic design.
  • be as forceful as you wish but not offensive: it should be consistent with our values.

Simple designs usually work best. The designs on this page are ones that folk have used in our cause but of course are there to give examples not to advocate any particular approach!



You must submit your entry by midnight on 17 July 2020. We cannot accept entries after that date, nor will we permit subsequent changes.

We will inform entrants whose designs we would like to include in the event by 24 July and other winners by 31 July.


There will be three judges for the challenge, including a Hen Harrier Action trustee. We will be able to say more shortly.

The judges will take the age of the entrant into account in deciding the best designs for T-shirts for children.


Summary of rewards for entry

All eligible entries will be shown in a gallery on the Hen Harrier Day website.

The best entries, up to five in each category at our discretion, will be included in our T-shirt line for sale in 2021; and also made available for download from our website for printing.

The best design in each category will be printed in a limited edition for Hen Harrier Day Online in 2020.

All entries will be appropriately credited and we will thank and credit the creators of the best entries during the online event.



Entries must be your own work.

Entries that do not meet the full design brief will be disqualified.

Joint entries cannot be accepted for this competition: they must be one individual's work

You can submit more than one entry.

Children and young people under the age of 16 must have parental consent to enter.

By submitting your entry, you grant permission for Hen Harrier Action to use it as a T-shirt design as described. We will not use it for any other purpose without your permission and you retain copyright.

The immediate family of Hen Harrier Action trustees and those closely involved with organising Hen Harrier Day Online are ineligible.

The opinion of the judges will be final. Unfortunately, we cannot undertake to give feedback in relation to entries other than those selected for inclusion in Hen Harrier Day Online or for future use.

By submitting your entry, it is understood that you have read and agreed to the rules of the competition.

How to enter

Please click here to go to a page which tells you how to enter, and where you will find a simple entry form.

There is no entry fee.