Street Art call

Hen Harrier Days celebrate a rare and beautiful bird threatened with extinction in our country by illegal persecution. Normally, these events are locally organised by local people and can take many forms: stalls, events with speakers, gigs, walks and so on. Sadly, in 2020 with Covid-19, few actual events are likely to take place so we're planning a big online event on 8 August. But we still want to get our message out to local communities so there is a writing competition for children, a song for groups to sing, and so on. And...

...we would love to see some hen harriers flying on our streets and walls, like the ones on this page by ATM. So we're calling for street artists everywhere to get out there - safely and legally - and paint a hen harrier or two and send us a picture of your work. We'll show the best as part of Hen Harrier Day online - and all qualifying entries on our website.


What we are looking for

We are looking for images which:

  • celebrate the hen harrier.
  • may refer to its persecution.
  • may reference other ills of the uplands such as heather burning.
  • may include a written message such as Save Our Hen Harriers.
  • can be any size, tiny or huge.
  • can be seen from a public space.
  • are as forceful as you wish but not offensive.


In making your artwork...

You must not:

  • break the law.
  • put yourself at any risk.
  • break any lockdown restrictions.

In practice, this means please make your work in permitted places, or where you have the owner's permission. Our charity campaigns against illegal activity on the moors and cannot condone unlawful behaviour of any kind. Please see our values here.

We will ask you to confirm that you have complied with these conditions.


Our offer

All eligible entries will be shown on the Hen Harrier Day website.

The best entries will be highlighted as part of Hen Harrier Day Online.

We will credit all entries as fully as you wish us to. You can specify a pseudonym if you wish, provided it is not offensive.

We hope that by making this call you will be inspired by it and create some powerful images for your local community and for us to show to a wider world. We'll also help get your image local publicity if we can (and you want us to) Unfortunately we cannot offer to pay for materials.

How to respond to the call

Please send us a photograph of your work using the entry form here. We'd love to show as many as possible during Hen Harrier Day Online on 8 August. So if at all possible, please let us know of your work by by 31 July. But if that's just not possible carry on anyway and send us your photo for our website.

Working with:

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Hen Harrier Action is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC049943.

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