This page will - over time - offer links to resources that give more information about our uplands, how they are managed and some of the ills they suffer.

It's little more than a place-holder right now. We will develop it over time, and of course contributions are most welcome.

The aim will be to include here links to the science on the subject. For example, is burning moorland a good thing? Our aim will be to present the science to help you decide.

But we will also point to the opinions of our top ecologists and conservation scientists. What do they say and why? As we develop this resource we will aim to help you reach those voices to help you make up your own mind.

Just for starters, two links below offer you access to some of the clearest voices advocating change in the uplands.


Raptor Persecution UK

The leading blog on its subject. Relentless in its pursuit and documentation of wildlife crime, it is top science combined with top journalism, sometimes with a sardonic turn. Indispensable.

Mark Avery's blog

Mark is arguably the doyen of conservation bloggers and, as the author of 'Inglorious' and advocate and organiser of Hen Harrier Days since 2014, is a leading advocate for change in the uplands.


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