Our vision

Hen Harrier Action’s vision is that the UK’s uplands should be places where nature thrives undamaged and unharmed by human activity. Places where people can enjoy a rich and diverse environment in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it. Our vision will have been achieved when Hen Harrier Days become days entirely of celebration: of the return of the hen harrier to its rightful places, of birds and other animals flourishing where they should, and of a natural balance for all to enjoy when visiting our hills and moors.

We want our uplands:

to be places where wildlife thrives. Mismanagement over the centuries has too often made them barren deserts, whether from industrial pollution, misconceived agricultural ‘improvements’, excessive stocking or abuse for ‘sport’. This must change, and our vision requires action by many agents to help get our wildlife back.

to be free from persecution. We want to see people and wildlife living in harmony. That means an end to illegal persecution, especially of birds of prey, pointless culls and brutal ‘vermin control’.

to be better places for public enjoyment. Many millions of people visit the countryside every year but are not always aware of what is missing, or of how much greater a part nature could play in their experience of the uplands. We want to show how it could be different and win hearts and minds for change.

to benefit from informed and ambitious public policy. Our uplands are at best neglected by public policy and have often suffered from it, for example in inappropriate use of farming subsidies. Especially to help deal with climate change, clear-minded and purposeful intervention is now needed, bringing wins for both nature and for people.

Hen Harrier Action’s vision extends beyond the uplands. We want wildlife crime, wherever it occurs, quickly to become a thing of the past. We want natural systems restored everywhere, especially by returning top predators to their natural place, reducing the need for human ‘management’ of our wild spaces.

Working with:

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Hen Harrier Action is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC049943.

Registered Charity SC049903