Hen Harrier Day Online

We are delighted to announce that Hen Harrier Day Online will be hosted by naturalists and presenters Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin. They will be joined by some familiar faces and many new ones in an exciting programme, full of variety.

Link to the livestream on Saturday 8 August from 10 am to 4pm on our YouTube channel here.

We’ll publish a full programme shortly, but highlights over the day will include:

  • Chris and Megan hosting, supported by other well-known presenters
  • A haunting new song lamenting the loss of so many hen harriers to illegal persecution
  • Lots of great new video celebrating hen harriers and other birds of the uplands
  • Information about raptors, their persecution and other problems of the uplands
  • Readings of the winners of our Young Wild Writer Competition, with the overall winner being read by Michael Morpurgo
  • Excellent innovative video pieces from the winners of our Early Career Naturalist Challenge
  • Poetry from some of the UK’s leading poets, with several pieces written especially for Hen Harrier Day
  • Contributions from some of our leading young influencers, talking to well-known writers, politicians and others.

And more: there will be song, street art, T-shirts, more creative work by young children, cartoons, contributions on the wider animal welfare and environmental issues associated with driven grouse shooting – and ideas for how the uplands could be better managed for nature and for people.

During the event we will be fundraising for the Langholm Moor Community Buyout. We’re proud to be supporting this ambitious project that can help show the way forward for land previously managed as grouse moor.

We’re also, with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, running a great secret postcard auction and you’ll surely hear more about that on the day too, as well as here


Hen Harrier Days are all about building public awareness and engagement, and we’ve had great fun over the last three months setting up our community activities and seeing the results. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, entered competitions or participated in other ways. Many of you have told us how much you enjoyed it – and sometimes how much you learned. We hope everyone got as much out of it as we have. The online event will feature the best of the entries across all the activities: songs, poems, T-shirts films, and more. Tune in to the event to see what's there. And what we can't fit into the event we'll put on this website afterwards.