We know that people of all ages love making things, and we've had some wonderful creations for past Hen Harrier Days.

Mascots or puppets; knitted, embroidered or papier mache; tiny or huge, we've seen it all. Except we haven't, obviously. So we're extending a broad invitation to craft groups, schools, U3As, everyone, to help celebrate Hen Harrier Day by exercising your skills and having a bit of fun. We'll feature the best, and who knows, your creation could be on national TV.

So get designing, get making, and let's have lots of hen harriers everywhere by August.


What we are looking for

We are looking for objects which:

  • celebrate the hen harrier.
  • can be any size: tiny or huge.
  • may use any materials.
  • show your skills, your creativity and originality.
  • may have a 'twist', being quirky, humorous or appealing in some other way.
  • are entered in good faith and are consistent with our values.

This is not an art competition. For this call, we are looking for objects - which can include embroidery, tapestry and similar but not drawings or paintings.


 Why join in?

We hope you'll join in for the enjoyment of making an object which celebrates one of Britain's most charismatic but also rarest and most persecuted birds. We'd like you to enjoy learning more about the bird and it's wonderful 'skydancing' by making an object featuring it. Also, perhaps, exploring why it is threatened and what we can all do to protect it.

We'll aim to feature the best entries as part of Hen Harrier Day Online on 8 August 2020. And we'll show a good selection of eligible entries on the Hen Harrier Day website.

Some suggestions

This is your chance to create, but if you are looking for a few ideas, patterns or templates to get started, have a look here. There are ideas for children as well as adults.


How to respond to the invitation

Please send us a photograph of your work using the entry form here – or share it with us via any of the Hen Harrier Day social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).