Get involved

Hen Harrier Day is all about promoting wider awareness of the issues affecting our uplands. We do that by offering new ways of engaging and informing in communities everywhere.

Hen Harrier Day Online, to be live-hosted on 8 August, offers a fantastic new opportunity to do much more. We hope you'll want to join in and encourage others to as well.

On this page you'll find a guide to everything we have planned - and we'll add to it over the coming weeks so keep tuning in.

We're still looking for new ideas and offers. Do you belong to a group or organisation that might be excited to take on a new challenge on the lines below? Do you know others who might respond to your idea? If so, let us know. But anyway do join in and spread the word about the activities below.

Other ways to join in:

Early Career Naturalist Challenge

One of our major new challenges, this is an appeal to early career naturalists and nature presenters to  engage with the issues affecting our uplands and show the outcome in a short presentation. Hen Harrier Action wants to support people starting out on their careers, especially in these difficult times. This is an opportunity to show imaginative new work on a low budget and on issues affecting us all. It's a great opportunity with some good rewards for the best entries. More details here or just click on the image.


A song for Hen Harrier Day

We have a lovely new song for Hen Harrier Day in 2020, "Skydancer, Ghost Of The Moors", written and composed by the wonderful Cheryl Camm. The song both celebrates the hen harrier and mourns the many that have gone 'missing'. Written during lockdown, it also reflects on the solace that may be found in nature. A first recording (by a community choir, and also made under lockdown) will feature as part of the event. We would love it if you were to perform and send us further contributions. Everything you need to get going is here or just click on the image.


T-shirt design competition

There's a bit of self-interest here - we want some new designs for next year, to broaden our range. But it's a great opportunity for young and old, professional, trainee and amateur to engage with our issues and design a T-shirt that captures our message of both celebration and concern. The best designs will feature in our online event and with a bit of luck we'll get some of our presenters wearing them. We're looking for designs for both adult and children's T-shirts and anyone any age can enter designs in either category. More details here or just click on the image.


Young Wild Writer Competition

This competition is already attracting great interest, so get your entry in now! We're looking for short pieces about all kinds of wildlife in Britain including plants and habitats. The focus is on looking closely, seeing the beauty and drama and conveying it in words. Originality and understanding of your chosen subject are what we are looking for here. Entries may be prose or poem and up to 500 words. There are three age groups for entry and some good prizes. The winning entry will be read out by Michael Morpurgo on the day. More details here or just click on the image.


Street Art

This is an open invitation with the aim of a few hen harriers appearing in our urban spaces! Nothing adds to awareness more than a powerful image, and that's what we are looking for here. Hen harriers please not eagles, even though both species are heavily persecuted. The hen harrier is our symbol and we'd love to see it in new places. Create an image, safely and legally, and send us a picture. We'll share all valid contributions on our website and feature the best during Hen Harrier Day Online. More details here or just click on the image.



Rather a catch-all heading for, er, making things. Everyone loves doing it whether it's models, mobiles or mascots, hand puppets or paper folding, biscuits or blacksmithing. No prizes here but we'll show the best, so if you fancy your mascot having a cuddle with one of our presenters this is the way. Give it a go, maybe you have a craft group to share ideas and have some fun. There are some ideas on the main page for this, with some specific patterns and recipes. You don't have to go with these but you might find them a starting point here or just click on the image.