Get involved

If you share our vision, how can you best help us deliver it? We want the UK’s uplands to be places where nature thrives. Places where people can live, work and relax in harmony with nature not in conflict with it. The hen harrier symbolises that ambition. It will be brilliant when Hen Harrier Days become days entirely of celebration: of the return of the hen harrier to its rightful places, of birds and other animals flourishing where they should, and of a natural balance for all to enjoy when visiting our hills and moors.

On this page, you can find out how to get involved in this great ambition which, year by year, is getting ever closer to fruition. Absolutely everyone can contribute, whatever their background, skills or the time they can allocate. If you want to help just contact us using the email addresses below or at

In the following sections the ways of getting involved are set out in more detail under three main themes: setting up or contributing to a Hen Harrier Day, volunteering with the charity, Hen Harrier Action (the central resource for these events), and participating in our engagement programme.


Run a Hen Harrier Day

Our programme of community-based local Hen Harrier Day events will resume in 2021, and we want it to be bigger and more varied and diverse than ever. So we are looking for people to set up or promote a local Hen Harrier Day or help others to do so. If you would like to contribute in this way, please contact us for an exploratory chat. We’ll give you lots of support, including directly from people who have already run Hen Harrier Days. For guidance, Hen Harrier Days:

  • aim both to celebrate our uplands and to raise awareness of issues such as the destruction of wildlife there and the need for change;
  • are fun community events for everyone, but with a purpose;
  • come in all shapes and sizes. Large or small, indoors or outdoors, talks, walks, gigs, stalls in the high street;
  • are mostly in early August, just before the start of the grouse shooting season, but they can be at any time, not even limited to a 'day';
  • are for you to plan and organise, but we’ll give you all the help and support you need.

Join an event

If you’re not thinking of running a Hen Harrier Day yourself, there are many other ways to join in. You might be:

  • a local artist keen to show your work, or a maker of objects;
  • a singer or a band, a juggler or an entertainer in another field;
  • a local group with an interest in nature, for example a walking or local birding group;
  • a local person who could act as a steward, information provider or other helper during the event, or with setting up and packing away;
  • a local business or larger organisation keen to show support by providing catering, a venue, sponsorship or other support and assistance.

However you want to engage, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.


Volunteer for Hen Harrier Action

Would you like to help our charity, Hen Harrier Action, and what we are fighting for? We are a very small team: there are no paid staff and everyone is a volunteer. That means we all depend on each other: and so we will look to agree a level of commitment if you join us. That need not be some huge commitment of time or effort but, if we agree a role, we hope that you'll want to stick with it for a time.

We are looking for skills and contributions across all aspects of our expanding work but in particular are looking for:

  • skills in communications, marketing and events management, especially in relation to website and social media;
  • people who can lead community engagement activities, for example flowing from their own interest in the arts, crafts, or outdoor pursuits.

If you would like to contribute and feel you can make a commitment, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at


Get creative

One of the great successes of Hen Harrier Day in 2020 – as it turned out, an entirely online event – was that we were able to engage a wide range of people and communities. Over 500 children entered our Young Wild Writer Competition (which will be continued in 2021), and we had songs, poems and art from across the UK.

Our aim is to develop an even more ambitious programme for 2021, linked to an online event but also keyed into local events. If you have ideas for this, please let us know; we need people to lead on areas with which they are familiar and have good networks. Contact us at

As we develop the programme for 2021 we'll put details on this website so that if you can help with specific ideas you can let us know.