Draw their attention:
Save our Skydancers

Draw a hen harrier for your MP

We are in a climate and nature emergency. The plight of the hen harrier symbolises the change we desperately need to create a wilder Britain, where the landscape can recover from years of destructive intensive management and where wildlife can be free from persecution.

There should be 2,600 pairs of hen harriers in Britain. And there could be that number, right now. Sadly, there are only about 600 pairs. The main reason for the difference is illegal persecution associated with driven grouse shooting.

In the run up to the start of the grouse shooting season in August, we want to make our elected representatives graphically aware of this problem. We also aim to create a gallery of the missing hen harriers that should be skydancing in the skies above the UK. Will you help us?

All you have to do is draw a hen harrier on a blank postcard. Draw your own or start from an outline. Artist Sabrina Edwards has kindly provided some great outlines here. Be as imaginative as you like: this isn't a drawing contest or art competition, it's about getting a vivid and powerful message across.

Then please do two things

  • First, take a photo of your drawing/painting and send it to us. There's no need to send us a copy of your message, though please do if you wish. For example, if you write a poem or a distinctive message of some kind do share it with us.
  • Send the postcard to your MP, MSP or other representative, with a short message. It could be just 'Save our Skydancers', but please write more if you wish. Of course, be polite, and if you add words, make sure they are grounded in fact and reason.

Send us your photo here.

What we'll do

We'll gather all your photos and do something great with them. What we do will depend on how many we get. But what couldn't we do with 10,000 images?

We'll tell the ministers responsible for the welfare of the hen harrier and the restoration of our uplands why MPs and MSPs are passing on your messages to them.

We'll publicise the campaign and keep you posted on it regularly via our social media.

To help:

Most of the policies that affect our uplands are the responsibility of devolved administrations. So, outside England, it's better to write to your representative in that administration. Of course you can always write to your MP as well!

It's better to write to your representative at their parliament or assembly, but it's not essential.

In the UK

Find your MP's address here (search by your postcode)

In Scotland

Find your constituency MSP here (search by your constituency)

In Wales

Find your MS's address here (search by your postcode)

In Northern Ireland

Find your MLA here


If you would like to start from an outline, we have some great ones to get you going, kindly drawn for us by very talented Sabrina Edwards. You can download and print off 8 great outlines from fairly sketchy to quite finished. Print these in 'landscape' format, and each outline will be the right size to stick to a standard postcard.You can see more of Sabrina's work here.