12 years of illegal persecution of birds of prey

On 13 February, the RSPB published new data on raptor persecution, and it's not good news. 2018 was the worst year in over a decade in England, and whilst recorded incidents have fallen in Scotland there is concern that this is only because the criminals have got better at concealing their crime. There is little evidence of population recovery amongst the most persecuted birds. At the same time, the RSPB’s Raptor Persecution Map Hub, an interactive map of known confirmed raptor persecution incidents in the UK, has now been expanded and updated to show all confirmed raptor persecution from 2007 to 2018. In total there were 1,242 confirmed incidents over the period, with most in England (686) and Scotland (394). By far the worst area, and a notorious hotspot for wildlife crime, was North Yorkshire, with 132.