Get involved

Hen Harrier Day Online, live-hosted on 8 August, was a fantastic new opportunity for us to reach a wider audience. Hundreds of people of all ages got involved in our competitions and challenges, from writing to singing, designing and painting. This page was the gateway to joining in with that. Now it is being changed to be the way in to pages that show all the brilliant products that resulted. Many were included in the event but there is more here. Getting everything on to these pages will take while, so please bear with us.

We also held a secret postcard art auction jointly with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. There were over 70 generously donated lots, including by famous artists and illustrators, and the auction raised well over £5,000. Thank you to all who donated work, and to those who bid for it. We can now reveal the all theartists, so click here or on 'Art auction' to find out.

A song for Hen Harrier Day

We have a lovely new song for Hen Harrier Day in 2020, "Skydancer, Ghost Of The Moors", written and composed by the wonderful Cheryl Camm. The song both celebrates the hen harrier and mourns the many that have gone 'missing'. Written during lockdown, it also reflects on the solace that may be found in nature. A first recording (by a community choir, and also made under lockdown) will feature as part of the event. We asked if you would like to perform the song and, despite lockdown, we are planning to include at least one other performance on the day. We'd still love others to give this a go, and we'll happily put performances on our website to reach a wider audience.  Everything you need to get going is here or just click on the image.


Street Art

This is an open invitation with the aim of a few hen harriers appearing in our urban spaces! Nothing adds to awareness more than a powerful image, and that's what we are looking for here. Hen harriers please not eagles, even though both species are heavily persecuted. The hen harrier is our symbol and we'd love to see it in new places. Create an image, safely and legally, and send us a picture. We'll share all valid contributions on our website and feature the best during Hen Harrier Day Online. More details here or just click on the image.



Everyone loves making things, whether it's models, mobiles or mascots, hand puppets or paper folding, biscuits or blacksmithing. Send us a photo and we'll share the best. Give it a go, maybe you have a craft group to share ideas and have some fun. Click here or on the image to find some ideas and patterns – and recipes! Of course it's fun to design your own but you might find these a starting point.



Early Career Naturalist Challenge

For Hen Harrier Day Online 2020, we invited young naturalists and nature communicators to make a short video about nature in the UK, with a focus on the uplands. The main aim was to give them an opportunity to show their work to a wider public. We had some brilliant entries and decided to show all of them on the day; you can enjoy them all here too, or click on the image.


T-shirt design competition

This competition closed on 17 July. Thank you to everyone who entered! We were looking for designs that captured our message of celebration and concern and we had some great entries. The best will feature in our online event, so do look out for that on 8 August.


Young Wild Writer Competition

This competition closed on 24 July. We invited children to submit short original, creative pieces, whether prose, a poem or something else, about any kind of wildlife in Britain including plants and habitats. We've been overwhelmed by the number and quality of the entries – over 500 by the closing date, so the judges will be busy! The winning entry will be read out by Michael Morpurgo on the day. There are a few more details here or click on the image.