Hen Harrier Day art auction

For Hen Harrier Day Online, on 8 August 2020, we were proud to work with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. One way we did so was with a Secret Postcard Auction. We asked artists (and some folk who are not best known as artists) to donate a small painting or drawing, signed on the back but not the front. So the auction was totally anonymous: no one knew whose work they were bidding on until after the auction closed.

The auction raised a brilliant £5,675 funds to help secure a better upland environment for wildlife, ourselves and our children to enjoy. All proceeds will go directly to .hen harriers and protect our uplands through the work of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust ‘Wild Peak’ project and Hen Harrier Action.

You can now see which artist produced each artwork here. Big thanks to all of them for contributing to such a high quality auction in which everyone won!

And especial thanks to Diane Gould at DWT who made the auction the great success that it was. It was a huge task, pulled together at very short notice and in sometimes difficult conditions caused by Covid-19. Thank you so much Diane.