Hen Harrier Day art auction


We are delighted to announce that our 2021 'secret postcard' art auction, run in association with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and which closed on 31 October, raised over £4,800.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and especially all of the artists and young people who contributed. And huge thanks from all of us at HHA to Diane Gould at DWT who organised everything to great effect. Thanks also to the Green Man Gallery, Buxton, for exhibiting the work, and to Tim Birch for his excellent commentary in a short film by Paul Samuels.

You can still see all the pictures, and how much they each raised at the auction site here. We'll have more details on the artists who contributed, with links to their websites and social media, on this page as soon as we can manage it.

The auction this year was part of a wider project, Gjosts of the Landscape, which aims not only to highlight the plight of the hen harrier but also to help develop a new vision for uplands where nature can flourish again.


More about Ghosts of the Landscape

The hen harrier is not the only species in trouble in our uplands. Some have been all but lost and more struggle to survive in an excessively managed landscape. Our uplands have been drained, polluted and over-grazed; and bird of prey persecution and other wildlife crime are all too common. These lost and struggling species are the ghosts of our landscape, they are the sights we should see on a visit to the uplands but do not, the sounds we should hear but do not and the species which should be thriving but are not.

Sadly, most of us have grown up with depleted nature and do not always realise what we are missing. Some think that these places are wild and natural when in fact they lack the range and richness of species that should be there. We are committed to changing this. We believe that our uplands must be managed better for nature and people. Working together we aim to raise awareness and seek a better way forward. We want to gather ideas and visions from as many people as possible to help us create our ideal vision for the future. Together we can create a shared vision for the uplands.


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