About us

Hen Harrier Action

This website is managed by Hen Harrier Action, a registered charity whose aim is to help protect the birds and other animals of the uplands, in particular the hen harrier and other raptors, by raising public awareness of wildlife crime and other issues related to use of the uplands for shooting. We do so mainly by supporting events organised locally, mostly in early August: Hen Harrier Days. In 2020, due to Covid-19, these local events did not go ahead; instead, we organised a successful online event, which you can read more about here.

The hen harrier: our symbol

Hen Harrier Action wants to see nature flourishing again on our uplands. The scourge of driven grouse shooting still dominates vast tracts of our uplands, reducing them to a barren emptiness where you will be lucky to see any wildlife other than a red grouse. Mammals are systematically trapped and killed, raptors routinely subject to illegal persecution. The hen harrier, a rare and beautiful raptor, which has the misfortune to include grouse in its diet, is perhaps the most persecuted bird in the UK and so we have adopted it as the symbol of our campaign.

Hen Harrier Days

Hen Harrier Days celebrate our uplands and enable us to raise our voices against their abuse. They are locally organised by local people, and take many forms: stalls, events with speakers, gigs, walks and so on. Most take place across the weekend which immediately precedes the ‘Inglorious’ 12th of August, the date the grouse shooting season starts – but there are some on other dates too. As planning gets under way for 2021 you will be able to use this website to find a Hen Harrier Day near you.

Hen Harrier Action’s role

Hen Harrier Action provides central support to local Hen Harrier Days. We do this in three main ways. First, we organise publicity and marketing at a national level to raise general awareness of Hen Harrier Days and what they are all about. Second, we put local events 'on the map', helping a wider public find one near them. And third, we encourage and support local events, for example by putting them in contact with those who have run such events previously, providing checklists on what to do when running a public event, and offering resources such as artwork for posters and so on. In 2020 we also organised a major online event and we will discuss with local organisers and others whether helping shape an overall online presence in future years should also be part of our responsibilities.

Contact us

We’d love to have your ideas and offers of help – including proposals to run a Hen Harrier Day. Please get in touch using the contact form - click here or on the menu on this page.