Join us for 2021

There are lots of ways to join in with Hen Harrier Days and, following the Covid-19 emergency in 2020, our main programme of community-based local events will resume in 2021. We would love it if you want to set up or promote a local Hen Harrier Day or help others to do so. If you would like to engage, please contact us and we’ll give you lots of support. For guidance, Hen Harrier Days:

  • aim to celebrate our uplands and at the same time to raise awareness of issues such as the destruction of wildlife there and the need for change.
  • are fun community events for everyone, but with a purpose.
  • come in all shapes and sizes. Large or small, indoors or outdoors, talks, walks, gigs, stalls in the high street – if you want to do it, and it’s legal, we’re with you.
  • are mostly in early August, just before the start of the grouse shooting season, but they can be at any time, and they don’t even have to be ‘days’, they can be community projects or activities.
  • are for you to plan and organise, but we’ll give you lots of help.

If you’re not thinking of running a Hen Harrier Day yourself, there are many other ways to join in. You might be:

  • a local artist keen to show your work, or a maker of objects;
  • a singer or a band, a juggler or an entertainer in another field;
  • a local group with an interest in nature, a walking or local birding group for example;
  • a local business or larger organisation keen to show support by providing a venue, sponsorship or other support and assistance.

For individuals just looking to help, there are often volunteering opportunities. Larger events especially may need stewards, caterers, information providers and other helpers, as well as people to help set things up and pack away afterwards.

Our charity, Hen Harrier Action, is also looking for volunteers. If you have skills in areas such as, for example, social media, other communications, marketing or events management, and can work to deadlines, have a look here.

However you want to engage, please contact us at We’ll put you in touch with the right people, whether it’s us at Hen Harrier Action or with the organisers of a Hen Harrier Day already being planned.