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Hen Harrier Action is a small charity which aims to celebrate and help protect the wildlife of our uplands. The charity is named after the hen harrier, a rare and charismatic bird of prey. Sadly, this beautiful bird is rare mainly because of human persecution, and this is just one of many problems for nature in our uplands.

Hen Harrier Action's vision is that the UK’s uplands should be places where all nature thrives undamaged and unharmed by human activity, places where people can enjoy a rich and diverse environment in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it.

Our charity's main objective is to broaden awareness of the problems for nature in our uplands. An important part of our work is to promote annual Hen Harrier Days around the UK and online. These events aim to inform about and celebrate the wildlife of the uplands and the problems it can face. They are also an occasion to raise our voices against the main reason for the hen harrier's rarity – illegal persecution.

This year we've been very busy - Skydancer Day was held on Saturday 14 May, hosted by Megan McCubbin and Indy Greene. It included hen harrier art by Iolo Williams, Scottish minister Mairi McAllan on her plans for grouse moor licensing, a wonderful song by Stronghill, stories of animal journeys, launching the Young Wild Writers competition and more. Stronghill have very generously put their song on sale with all proceeds to Hen Harrier Action - you can find it here. The whole event is on our YouTube channel, as are the individual items. The inaugural 'Walk for Harriers' took place in the Highlands on Hen Harrier Day itself, taking people on to an actual grouse moor to see and hear about the various management techniques employed to maximise grouse for shooting. We're hoping to roll out more of these next year.

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Hen Harrier Action is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC049943.

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